Brand Activation

Simply select a game, then either provide your own artwork or have our design team create it for you*! There are a plethora of classic machines to choose from. Following the branding of your game, you have the option of hiring for a few days or on a long-term lease.
We can assist with the creation of custom graphics, paintwork, and vinyl wraps.

Many businesses choose a custom machine to sit in their lobby and provide an interactive experience for their employees and customers. We can also design one-of-a-kind artwork to wrap around a machine for personal events like a birthday or wedding.

Machines that can do branding on:

brand activation

What is the procedure for using the long-term rental service?

What is the procedure for using the long-term hire service?

Party Plus provides a large selection of machines on ‘reduced rate’ long-term hire agreements for busy clubs and bar.
We will install and maintain the highest quality retro arcade machines at the most affordable price, which means you will not only have a collectible piece of nostalgia in your venue for your guests to enjoy, but you will also be able to earn an additional income!