Candy Floss or Cotton Candy is a classic sweet treat at a funfair, and here at Party Plus we love it!
The traditional carnival machine, which is high volume and serves this popular sweet treat, always keeps your guests looking for their next confectionery fix!

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist named Dr. William Morrison. Using a spinning bowl with several tiny holes, Morrison and candy maker John C. Wharton created a machine that heated sugar in 1897. In the hot, spinning bowl, the sugar caramelized and made its way through the holes, transforming the melted sugar into light strands. This sugary treat was dubbed “Fairy.”

How Do You Make Candy Floss?

Only two ingredients are used to make: air and colored sugar. It’s a simple process to make. To begin, fill the center of the cotton candy machine with flavored sugar. The spinning center then begins to heat up to 300 degrees and melts the sugar. The melted sugar, when it starts spinning, is pushed through a screen, where it breaks into the flossy filaments we like to call cotton candy today.

How is Cotton Candy known Around The World?

Because they are more affordable and a great party attraction, our Candy floss machines are becoming more popular to rent. They are adored by both children and adults!  Sweet and delicious, fairy floss is made by melting sugar in the bowl, spinning it very fast, and then collecting it onto the stick.

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