The nostalgia Kacang Puteh brings childhood memories back to your event

Our Kacang Puteh Stall will allow you to experience a smorgasbord of flavor! You can offer a variety of nuts to please your guests’ taste buds! As you eat them, they will be a mouthwatering combination of sweet, salty and crunchy peanuts.

Muruku, mixed nuts and sugar covered peanuts and more varieties are available. Rent the Kacang Puteh Stall for your events now!


Book our services online through our Booking form, using our Business Whatapp Chat,
 or by phoning our sales representative at +65 3105 1516.

kacang puteh
100 PAX

Logistics required:
 1 x table 

Live Station includes:

Please contact our sales personnel for bundled package price and tailor packages to meet your requirements if you have a significant quantity of 500 pax or more.


Prepackage Service

40g Heat Seal bag

Assorted in 6 Varities of Nuts

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prepackage popcorn
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We offer a minimum of six different types of nuts.
For pax of 300 or more, up to eight different types of nuts will be available.

Yes all the ingredients provided are Halal certified.