Kiddy Animal Rides

Kiddy Animal Rides Rental is the perfect solution for any party or event. Whether youre hosting a birthday party, school carnival, or corporate event, Kiddy Animal Rides Rental can provide the perfect entertainment for your special occasion. Our wide selection of kiddy animal rides will delight children of all ages and bring a smile to everyones face.

We offer a variety of different animals to choose from, including tiger, unicorn, dragon , elephant and more. Each ride is carefully inspected and maintained to ensure a safe, fun experience for all.

Make your party or event stand out with Kiddy Animal Rides Rental. Our selection of animals is sure to delight children of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our kiddy animal rides and to book your rental today!

We can be rented online through our Booking form, using our Business WhatsApp Chat, or by phoning us at +65 3105 1516.

Ride-on vehicles assist in the development of motor skills by teaching children how to hold or grasp the steering wheel or joystick in order to move their automobiles through terrain.

Children who are given the opportunity to be independent and explore their surroundings are more likely to develop self-confidence.

This can help children develop their feeling of exploration and adventure in the great outdoors.
 Exploring is a sort of creativity that lays the groundwork for later-life critical thinking.

Some ride-on toys are designed to be driven by only one child, allowing them to develop a sense of freedom.

kiddy ride rental

Battery Operated Animal Ride

$ 160
  • 4 Hours Session
  • Delivery & Pickup
  • Minimum 2 rides*