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We believe that each party is unique and that each party is overflowing with fun, function, and one-of-a-kind memories. Our goal is always to create the perfect birthday party or event for each customer, so working with you will always be enjoyable, memorable, and even magical. To do so, we try to learn about the type of event you want, the space you have, and the people who will attend so that we can satisfy your specific needs.


Arcade Games

Hire classic gaming arcade machines in Singapore. A wide selection of Arcade Machines that will fit any party or event.

Bouncy Castles

Count on us for all your bouncy castle rental on any occasion that requires extra excitement for kids, teens, and adults!

Carnival Games

Carnival games will not just entertain the young, but will also excite the entire family, no matter what the event is.
carnival food

Carnival Food

We have a variety of interesting and enjoyable carnival food options for your children's parties and events at Party Plus.

If your child has only a few friends around, it could only take time to have a single bouncy castle in the backyard. We can help you to create it and propose various ways of fun with small groups. And it’s fine, too, if your kid has invited the whole class. We have conducted numerous huge events and a broad range of group activities and competitions that will engage everyone.

Birthday Party Rentals

Small spaces. Large Venues.

For basics, such as tables and a small room or large auditorium, we can help. We can also help you with eye catcher, engaging games and a lot of room.

Party Planning and Birthday Party Rentals

Indoor Or Outdoor.

Although many people believe that bouncy castles are only for the outdoors, we offer several inflatables that fit indoors and outside. If you don’t have a big yard to work with or plan a winter festival, don’t sweat it.

Birthday Party Rentals | Budget Planning

Any Budget.

We want to have a memorable, economical birthday celebration, just like that. We would be pleased to sit with you and talk to you about the budget of your party so you get the most out of the bag.


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