Our art and craft parties for children are great for private birthdays, school and corporate events with huge children’s groups. If you are hiring our art and craft for children, they will be busy and productive throughout the session. At the end you will have something great to take home, and you will be excited to exhibit it, because you have done it yourself.

We have a fantastic selection of unique art and craft activities for you to choose from, suited for all ages ranging from preschooler to early adolescents. Whether your event is indoors or outside, our art and craft entertainment can be customized to meet your needs and the venue of your event.

There are many fun creative and artistic activities you may have at a party or an event, but the following is by far the most popular from our experience. We provide fun craft sessions such as canvas painting, dream catcher making, tote bag painting…

Motor Skill

Fine motor abilities are required to perform smaller, more precise motions, which are typically performed with the hands and fingers. This is a skill that children will continue to develop throughout their childhood, and arts and crafts activities can help them develop their bilateral co-ordination skills as they learn to use both hands at the same time.


Creativity allows youngsters to express themselves and explain their own thoughts and feelings, while also improving their problem-solving abilities.

Bonding Time

Adults and children can learn together through family learning, which includes explicit program objectives for both. 'It fosters self-efficacy, stimulates children and their parents to aim higher, and provides them with the resources they need to improve their lives.' Adults play a critical role in assisting youngsters in discovering how to express their creativity through the arts.


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