We were all looking forward to the delicious carnival food we identify with children’s birthdays.
There should always be some indulgence with special occasions.
Party Plus offers a variety of interesting and enjoyable carnival options for your children’s parties and gatherings.

Add carnival food rentals from Party Plus to your circus or carnival themed event.
Who can forget the excitement of getting cotton candy at a carnival, popcorn at the circus, or the gratification of eating flavored shaved ice on a hot summer day?

With Party Plus, you can create a carnival-like atmosphere for your child’s birthday party or any other event. We rent popcorn machines, hot dog machines, and fairy floss machines. All of these come with carts for a really carnival atmosphere.

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Carnival Food Stations

Step right up to a carnival food booth and indulge in all your favorite fair foods! From classic cotton candy to hotdogs, these booths offer a variety of treats that are perfect for satisfying your cravings. Whether you’re at a local fair or a big carnival event, be sure to stop by a food booth for a taste of the festivities. With their colorful displays and delicious offerings, carnival food booths are a must-try for anyone who loves a good time and great food.

Nachos Cheese Live Station Catering
Nachos Cheese Live Station
fish balls live station at carnival event
Fish Balls Live Station

Traditional Classic Stations

A nostalgic food booth takes you back in time with its classic food offerings and retro atmosphere. Whether it’s a childhood favorite or a long-lost snack, these food booths serve up comfort food that hits all the right spots. Discover the flavors of the past and relive fond memories with a visit to a nostalgic food booth today.

muah chee station
Muah Chee Live Station
Cup Corn Live Station
Tutu Kueh Live Station at carnival event
Tutu Kueh Live Station
Ding Ding Candy at carnival event
Ding Ding Candy Live Station
ice cream cart catering
Ice-Cream Cart
Nostalgic Tidbits Live Station
Nostalgic Tidbits Booth

Fried Live Stations

Craving some crispy and crunchy fried finger foods? Look no further than a fried finger food booth! These booths specialize in all things deep-fried or air fry for a healtier choice, from golden-brown chicken nuggets to tater tots and crispy fries. Whether you’re at a food fest, fair, or carnival, you won’t want to miss out on the savory delights of a fried finger food booth. So grab a napkin and dig into some delicious, crispy finger foods that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

fried nuggets for party
Nuggets Live Station
french fries station at carnival event
French Fries Live Station
carnival event
Popcorn Chicken Live Station

Cold Stations

Drinks Stations

and more. . .


Party Plus offers a large range of equipment and entertainment for a variety of events such as corporate events, birthday parties, church events, family day activities, and more. Because of our experience and skills, we are more than capable of organizing large-scale events such as family fun days.

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