Carnival Games

Welcome to the exciting world of carnival game stalls! From classic ring tosses to more modern challenges, these fun-filled attractions offer endless entertainment for all ages. Whether you’re looking to win a prize or simply enjoy the thrill of the game, there’s something for everyone at a carnival game stall.

We offer a wide variety of games to choose from. Test your aim with a game of balloon darts or try your luck at the classic milk bottle toss. Feeling adventurous? Take on the towering high striker or see if you can make it through the obstacle course.

Our carnival games rental is a terrific way to bring fun and excitement to your forthcoming event, and they cater to the entire family, from children to those who are big kids at heart. 

Carnival game stalls are perfect for all kinds of events, from school fairs and community festivals to birthday parties and corporate events. They offer a great way to bring people together and create lasting memories. Plus, with a variety of games to choose from, you can customize your carnival experience to suit your group’s preferences.

So if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to add some flair to your next event, be sure to check out carnival game stalls. With their unique blend of entertainment and competition, they’re sure to be a hit with everyone.


Party Plus Rental has all of the carnival game rentals you need for parties, social gatherings, and extremely fun events.

Let us be the company you call when you need low-cost carnival game rentals to throw the best party ever!
We not only provide carnival games for children, but we are also the number one choice for interactive carnival games for adults.

A variety of skill or luck-based games will ensure that your party or event is both enjoyable and challenging. We can set up your carnival or fun fair so that it is an SUCCESS!

Click HERE to check out our list of Table-top Carnival Games available.

Rental of table top carnival games comprises:

  • Delivery and Pickup
  • Assemble and Teardown
Carnival Games for Kids
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Table Top Carnival Games | Carnival Games Rental
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With large-scale fun fair replicas, your guests will be able to experience the fantastic!
Ideal for older children and adults! This is an excellent addition to any corporate, primary, high school, or adult carnival event. Our Large Scale Carnival Games will undoubtedly be a success!

Click HERE to check out our list of Giant Funfair Games available.

Rental of fun fair games comprises:

  • Delivery and Pickup
  • Assemble and Teardown
Carnival Games Duck Shoot | Inflatable Games for Rent
Shoot the Duck Carnival Game Rental | Party Plus
Carnival Game Rental Bottle Ring Toss | Carnival Funfair Games
Carnival Games Rental Singapore | Funfair Games Rental Lobster Pot


Your next outdoor event will be a blast with our inflatable and interactive rentals! You can choose from a wide range of inflatables, such as bouncy houses, slides, obstacle courses, interactive games, ball pool, and more.

Click HERE to check out our list of Inflatable Games available.

Rental of inflatable games comprises:

  • Delivery and Pickup
  • Assemble and Teardown
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Interactive Carnival Games | Carnival Rental Games
Inflatable Games for Rent | Soccer Darts Inflatable Rental


When planning your next event, consider renting a gaming lounge. In addition to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii, Switch consoles, we also offer a wide variety of game titles to pick from in our arcade rentals. Get in touch with us today so we can help you organize your next event’s entertainment!

Click HERE to check out our list of Video Games Console Rental.

Rental of gaming console package comprises:

  • Game Console with 2 controllers 
  • 40 Inch TV and Stand
  • 2 Game Titles

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Coffee Table setup with large bean bags
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wii rental - Carnival Games Rental
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Playstation 4
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Switch
Xbox 360
Race Simulator


We certainly do! Please contact one of our party consultants, who will put up a carnival game package based on the number of guests, venue, and budget you provide.

Yes, the rental fee includes delivery and setup.

We arrive early to set up so you can enjoy the entire rental time.

That is dependent on the number of rentals we have that day. We usually arrive early, before the rental period begins. 

The standard setup time is 1-2 hours before the event.

When you give us the go-ahead to proceed with a booking, we will confirm your event details and draft the contract and invoice for your review.
To secure the reservation, we require a digital signature and a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due upon scheduled delivery date.