What is Churros?

Enjoy our tasty churros live station featuring three distinct flavors to choose from! Churros can be found in nearly every cuisine, and one of our favorites is the Spanish fried dough. Since the churro’s creation, it has been adopted by many countries, and our version is a hybrid of the Mexican version, which is typically rolled in cinnamon sugar, and the Spanish version, which is often served with chocolate sauce. 

Churros are a delicious treat for any event!

Make your guests feel welcome with a tasty churros! You can’t go wrong with a yummy treat to end your wedding reception.  Our dessert items are a hit with both kids and adults. No matter the occasion, you will love serving straight from the cooker at a birthday party, carnival, pre-event station, church events, or wedding.

Our Churros bites are served in a cone with cinnamon sugar dipped in chocolate dip or strawberry sauce.

Book our Churros Live station online through our Booking form, using our Business Whatapp Chat,
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Churros Live Station

200 PAX

Logistics required:
1 x table 
1 x Power point

Churros Live Station

healthy choice

Please contact our sales personnel for bundled package price and tailor packages to meet your requirements if you have a significant quantity of 500 pax or more.


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 Sadly, we are unable to serve prepackaged churros. Churros bites are fry on site.  

Each cone contains 3-4 bite-size churros pieces.  

Yes all the ingredients provided are Halal certified.

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