Do you have a drab space in your corporate office, campus recreation room, or club house?

Our Long Term Game Room rental services give you value, increase the interactivity between students, staff and rental staff and give an unused space

Check out some of our most popular Long Term Game Rental Types below:

Please contact us as soon as possible because our Long Term Game Rental inventory changes depending on current availability!

Corporate Arcade Rental

We rent arcade machines to businesses of all sizes and industries. These games are a popular option for providing something cool and interactive for your employees and customers.
Arcade machines are a great addition to any employee break room or chill out area.

After all, a happy workforce equals a healthy business!
Many businesses are following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google by providing innovative solutions to improve employee well-being and, of course, productivity.


Home Arcade Rental

There is a reason why arcade and pool tables are very popular at bars and why there are playrooms and parks:
we all want to have fun at the end of the day, no matter how old we are (or all day and all night long). And, if you have space, it’s a game changer to have your own game room. See these examples for some ideas for children and adults alike in the game room and take your notes to make the area the ideal entertainment venue for you.

What is the procedure for using the long-term rental service?

What is the procedure for using the long-term hire service?

Party Plus provides a large selection of machines on ‘reduced rate’ long-term hire agreements for busy clubs and bar.
We will install and maintain the highest quality retro arcade machines at the most affordable price, which means you will not only have a collectible piece of nostalgia in your venue for your guests to enjoy, but you will also be able to earn an additional income!

Can’t See the game you want?
Please let us know what you have in mind we have an enormous collection of games and are sure to have the perfect one for you.


Do you enjoy having a game in your home and believe your family or friends might as well?
When someone you suggested leases from us for the first time, you’ll get $25 off your next rental.
They will also receive a $25 discount on their rental! Simply tell us who referred you.

Prices vary depending on the game(s) chosen. Because a substantial chunk of the cost is in delivery and setup, hiring games for a single day vs multiple days will not usually cost significantly more. Prices for monthly rental packages start as low as $10 per day.

When hiring a game, it is critical to consider not only the area but also the access (doorways, stairs, corridors, etc.). In general, we need to be able to wheel a game into place – hauling games, especially up and down stairs, is really tough. The dimensions given are for assembled games. For delivery, some games may be divided down into smaller components.

Surcharges may apply if the machines are required to transport items up and down steps or stairs.

The arcade games we rent are usually set to free play.

We usually want a week’s notice. This provides us time to get the game from its original location to the workshop, clean and test it, and guarantee it is in perfect working order. It also allows us to change any game settings that are required for the hire.