Topbright ice cream box math & logic



⦿The Top Bright ice cream shop pretend game is more than just a fun afternoon activity. It includes a variety of number cards and even money, allowing your child to have fun while also learning basic math skills. He can add and subtract numbers and test his knowledge by constructing colorful ice cream cones.

⦿This is a fantastic Educational shape toy for toddlers. The Ice Cream Playset features 45 different ice cream flavors in a variety of colors. Ice cream cones, math cards, a scoop, and bills are also included in the dessert tray. With these brightly colored ice cream cones, kids will have a blast learning about colors, numbers, and shapes. assist children with learning shapes, patterns, counting, and hand-eye coordination

⦿This educational pretend game is a fantastic way for your child to develop their first math skills. It’s also a great way to teach them about money. This ice cream cone game will help them improve their eye-hand coordination, reasoning, and social skills.

⦿Allow your children to participate in the opening of an ice cream truck and try out new roles! They will take orders, make ice cream mixes, accept payments, and serve delectable desserts. Your children will be able to cultivate their imagination and ingenuity while also learning how to communicate with others. The ideal gift for girls aged 2 and up.

What’s included:
10 game cards
10 game tokens
45 ice-cream ball
10 ice-cream cone
12 number boards
1 game box
1 scoop (Total 87 pieces)

-Fun and Educational, Play as you Learn! -Number Recognition -Colours Recognition -Counting Numbers


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