What is Cash Grab Booth?

According to Wikipedia, a money booth is also known as a cash booth, a money machine, or a cash cube. It resembles a telephone booth where paper money (or coupons, tickets, or gift certificates) are blown through the air. Once inside the booth, a participant needs to grab as many banknotes as possible in a limited amount of time.


Cash Grab Booths, also referred to as Cash Flow Booths, are ideal for promoting your brand and company at exhibitions and promotional events. Moreover, Cash Grab Booths are easily branded and can be customized with clear vinyl stickers on the booth or custom paper tickets.

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Promotion and Marketing Campaign

Essentially, marketing is the process of disseminating information about a product, service, or company. Methods include advertisement, print media, social media, networking, customer interaction, and large and small-scale events.

Rent our Money Booth for promotional events and marketing campaigns. We typically run the machines for thirty seconds to see how many notes you can grab.

Cash Booth are a hit with both crowds and media, as they swirl money and prize vouchers inside. It is a great event marketing tool if you want to attract attention and win customers!

Whether you’re hoping to blow cash, paper money, vouchers, certificates, or other types of paper products, our Cash Booth can do it all. 
Winnings are determined by the amount of time in the machine, the denomination of cash, and the amount of funny money in the Money Machine.


Customers can use our Cash Booth in a variety of ways, including:

Type of Cash Grab Booth We Offer:

cash grab booth
Inflatable Cash Booth
cash booth
Cash Grab Booth (Size 1)
money booth
Money Booth (Size 2)

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