Wouldn’t it be great if you could rent the popular claw machine game during an event or roadshow? You can reach out in a fun way to people who would otherwise be uninterested in your product or service by using these machines! Some of the advantages of renting the claw catcher machine game for your next marketing campaign or roadshow are listed below.

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How Claw Machines Work

 There is something for everyone to enjoy about claw machines. Using a mechanical claw, the machine grabs prizes, such as toys or stuffed animals, after coins are inserted. There is a misconception that claw machines have a secret formula for winning (perhaps the machine releases its grip at the last minute), but there is no such formula. You can determine how long it takes you to win by monitoring the speed at which your claw drops and where it lands on each item.  

Why Get a Claw Machine For Your Next Event?

Crowd favorites include claw machines. Because your brand is known to all, nobody needs to know anything about it to enjoy it. A claw machine not only provides a fun alternative form of entertainment, but it also features numerous other advantages. Renting them is possible at any time because they are easily transportable. Moreover, physical interaction with your brand through these machines increases connection and engagement. Discover why you should rent a claw machine for your next event by reading on!

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What Kinds of Events Do Claw Machines Work Well At?

There is a new product you need to introduce to potential customers. Wouldn’t it be great if your company name was on something fun and eye-catching. This is the case, and we have a suggestion: Set up a claw machine at your next event! Our team can assist you with this. It is possible to rent claw machines for a wide range of events, including birthday parties, corporate events, and church events. We also have a variety of claw catcher machine that you can look into. The following games are available:

Available In Four Models

There are four different types of Prize Grabber Machines: Premium, LED,  Transparent Glass and Jumbo Claw.

Solutions for Merchandise

These prize-packed powerhouses rewarded consumers, guests, or players immediately with a take away prize, hence these products have become such a hit at events, and the variety of prizes and merchandise these products can offer is limitless.

Our experience in the industry and our background in arcade allow us to suggest some clever and unique ways of rewarding players in amusement arcades other than the traditional soft toys, keyrings, and prizes in capsules.

In addition to a wide range of claws (metal grabs that physically grab the prize), therefore we also offer alternative claw mechanisms.

How Claw Machines Engage Customers at Events

During retail events, trade shows, and other events, claw machines can be rented to interact with your customers. Despite being a cheaper alternative to other types of carnival games, customers can still have fun while they wait in line by playing these games. It’s easy to bring claw catcher machines indoors and play them year-round, unlike many other carnival games. Moreover, you can set up interactive booths that match your company’s style using a variety of games ranging from plush toys to tech gadgets.

The Play is Yours

It’s the excitement and thrill of playing the Arcade Claw Game that makes this game such a success at events. The players love the authentic arcade experience, and we can even make it more realistic by adding tokens.

Incorporating a coin, pressing the start button, and enhancing the overall arcade experience are key parts of the total arcade experience. Tokens can be custom branded for your event. They can be used as prizes and to manage guests’ interactions (no one likes a game hogger!) Tokens can be recycled either on site or after the event.

We have the perfect platform for your next event, trade exhibition, brand engagement or experiential marketing campaign. You may prefer a ‘prize every time’ set up, a percentage payout, freeplay or token operation. We are happy to assist you.

Contact Us for More Information

Your next marketing campaign can be made more effective with a claw machine rental Singapore. Having a claw machine at a public event is a great way to communicate your brand’s values, goals, and objectives. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help bring your ideas to life. Claw Machines Singapore can be rented online through our Booking form, using our Business Whatapp Chat, or by phoning us at +65 3105 1516

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