Halloween is just around the corner. While this may seem like a very early celebration of Halloween, the likelihood of us celebrating at home as opposed to the typical door-to-door trucking around is increasing, so we bring you Home-Horror-ween.

While the epidemic is still ongoing, many of our usual festivals have been postponed or altered to accommodate mask and social separation requirements. Halloween Party events are either closed or changing, trick-or-treating may be scarce, and parents everywhere are seeking for at-home Halloween celebration options.

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Halloween Horror Movie Night

Looking for a good scary movie to watch with your kids? Are you looking for a horror film that won’t have you hiding under the covers with 5,000 watt nightlights plugged in? Check out what we have compiled for you in our list of the best Halloween movies for kids!

halloween party
Muppets Haunt Mansion
Cruella Disney

Scary O Story Telling

Tell a kid-friendly scary story with a cup of hot chocolate. Also, consider having your children read their favorite Halloween or fall books in turns. Are you an Amazon device owner? Simply tell Alexa, “Alexa, tell me a scary story.” and all the work will be done for you.

Spooky Slime Craft

Do you remember when slime was the hottest trend last year? Kids still enjoy it, and it provides them with a fun, safe, and easy-to-clean slime concoction. This recipe produces a fluffy slime with festive colors. You can really make it sparkle as a holiday entertainment choice if you pick up a cauldron or two, some Halloween spider rings, and other goodies.

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

It’s amazing how much you can conceal inside the house. Your children’s ages can be used to devise clues of varying complexity by hiding entertaining tiny items in unexpected places. If you want to stash items around the house, this website sells a set of pre-written cards(digital downloads), but you can also write your own. Simply choose a location, create a short rhyme, and hide a treat. The kids will enjoy exploring the house for hidden goodies with the help of mom and dad.

Create your Halloween Home Carnival

All the festivals and carnivals that spring up during this time of year are the best part All the festivals and carnivals that spring up during this time of year are the best part of this season. Various events take a drastic turn or are totally canceled as a result of social distance. It is still possible to organize your own mini carnival at home. Prepare some games in Halloween costumes and have fun. Some Halloween carnival game ideas include:

Consider the games you like to play at events and carnivals, and recreate them on a smaller scale at home. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity and a few tutorials! Our company even rents out carnival games, and you may check us out here.

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