This year’s Halloween will be different, and you can blame it on COVID-19. Because of the risk involved, some classic Halloween activities have become less safe to participate in this year. You and your children can still have a good time on the holiday. Just make sure you do it carefully.

1. Halloween Decoration

Make your Halloween decorations a precursor to the big day. Your child has started having handicraft sessions. Consider paper chains on the mailbox, door lights, and windows with silhouettes cut out of construction paper.

2. Play A Spooky Movie

Celebrate with a Scary-O-Ween movie night. Do it as a family at home or have your child watch the movie with their friends via video chat.

If you are looking for age-appropriate titles, check out these kids Halloween movies titles:

3. Make A Halloween Treat 

The possibilities are unlimited, from hand pies that resemble mommy pumpkins to peeled mandarins decorated with mint that resemble pumpkins.


4. Scare-O-Ween Scavenger Hunt 

Instead of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, have your youngster trick-or-treat around the house or yard. Hide sweets, make clues, and send your child on a frightening scavenger hunt.

4. Do A Halloween Dance For Finale

A fun method for the entire family to practice and to laugh together. Watch YouTube for “monster shuffle,” or for “Halloween Dance and Freeze ” or build your own with the most moves of your youngster! First practice, then, if possible, perform in suits.

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