Are you looking for that particular something to make your next carnival or event stand out?

Allowing someone with the resources and equipment to deliver all you require is both faster and easier.

Contact Party Plus, your best carnival establishment that offers carnival games and party equipment for rent. We provide a large choice of fun and thrilling games to meet your needs, whether you’re planning a school event, a corporate event, or a public carnival.

There are numerous factors to consider when renting carnival games for your event to ensure that your carnival is the best it can be.

Carnival games are usually made up of 3 categories – skill, chance, strength. The right balance will influence how your carnival is perceived by the participants.

1. Type of Carnival Games

Game of Chance

These games will maintain their odds regardless of the player’s age or skill level.

Game of Skill 

Such games need the synchronization of the eye and strategy in certain circumstances.
Make sure the skill games are not too many, because they are the most popular. Some examples of games include Milk Bottle Game, Balloon and Dart, Cover the Spot game. 

Game of Strength  

To win in these carnival games, you must use physical force. A conventional High Striker game would be the most popular of these.         

2. Getting the Right Balance

Winning Odds

Some games are easy to win, and some are difficult. The correct amount of money you want to leverage and the type of prices you want to give could influence the correct balance for your event.

There is a budget for every event. You therefore want to choose the kind of games with good visuals or the “WOW” element, but keep it on budget. It’s crucial to choose a provider with a wide range of games and rates. Knowing how many individuals you have in your budget.

You can determine the size of the venue for the carnival games. Large inflatable games can give your event a ‘WOW’ sensation, but they take up a lot of ground. 

Our carnival games are a great way to make an interesting and thrilling occasion for the entire family, from youngsters to adults who are great children. Test your talents and earn prizes with traditional games like the Shoot Duck.

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