Your short-term temperature problems can be solved by portable air conditioners.

With our vast selection of available portable air conditioners, you can easily and quickly cool down rooms such as living rooms, shops, outdoor event venue and offices. Whether you need the unit for Commercial, Industrial or Residential use, you are free to rent it for the duration you desire throughout the duration of your rental.

Because they’re portable and easy to transport, and the installation takes less than three minutes, you’ll notice that they’re more energy-efficient than permanent air conditioning systems.

Oftentimes, parties and events are held in portable structures like marquees or multipurpose buildings that rapidly gain and retain heat from visitors, equipment and the summer sun.

Keeping everyone comfortable and happy during these conditions can be challenging, but it need not be a problem.

Events & Parties

Having the perfect party or event can be impossible if the heat is unbearable for your guests. Consider venue selection, meticulous menu planning, and creative guest list drafting before planning that grand event.

Among our vast range of air conditioners, fans, and air handlers, our air conditioning service specialists can advise on the number, type, location, and type of units needed.

Different models are available for different capacity sizes

Key Features

portable air con
portable air cooler

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