Everyone enjoys the bubbles produced by a foam machine. Bubbles are popular among both children and adults. These machines will create a massive bubble foam area in a matter of seconds, ensuring that everyone has a great time at the foam party event. Simply turn off the foam bubble machine, and your foam will vanish in a couple of minutes. Make sure a foam party machine is present for each exciting event to amp up the fun!

It’s time to get some lather on. Fun with foamy bubbles is a sure hit at any occasion, whether it’s a small private gathering or a large corporate gathering. For the ultimate foam party experience, we have foam cannons.

The rental package comes with enough concentrated foam fluid to make 660 L of foam mixture. Depending on how you use it and the machine you use, the foam solution can last up to 4 hours. Additional foam mixture is available for a fee.

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Typically, our foam machine rental will include a high-output foam machine and a foam liquid concentration.

The machine fill up the foam pit in a couple of minutes, so you won’t have to wait long to start having fun.
It is your responsibility to ensuring that there is an appropriate supply on location, and the company personnel will handle the setup while you sit back and enjoy the foamy fun with your guests.

With a foam machine rental booked for your next event, you can finally utilize the “wet and wild” tag on your invitations. That, and a lot more pleasure, is exactly what you can expect from the rentals.


It’s ideal to conduct it outside on a grassy surface. The foam will become slick; if you are planning a foam party machine party on a hard surface, we recommend that children wear athletic shoes. Foam goods have been utilized at events for decades; the safety record of foam party events far beyond that of inflatable bounces.

Because foam requires water to form, the floor will become moist as the bubbles dissipate. The resulting liquid is simple to clean up and has no long-term impacts. If you’re throwing a foam party outside, any remaining liquid should evaporate on its own.

Foam can remain for several hours if left alone. When guests contact with it, though, the bubbles begin to pop and break up. The more people that play in the foam, the faster it dissolves.

Foam solution is typically quoted for a four-hour session.

Yes we do. Prices include delivery and setup, dismantle and collection at the end of event.

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