There is a lot of fun to be had at Christmas parties! You may find, however, that you have to clean up a lot of mess after the party is over. It is imperative that you bring snow machines to your next event in Singapore to give it some extra fun! Click here for more information on renting snow machines for parties and events during the holidays. 

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What is a Snow Machine?

A snow machine is a great investment for enhancing your Christmas party. Guests will remember the memories of their snow machine rental experience for years to come. In addition to saving time, you will improve safety for both adults and children since there will be no mess to clean up. Why not try one out at your next event? These machines are not only beautiful, but they are safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to set up, so what are you waiting for?

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Why Choose Us?

It is one of those incredible scientific feats that can turn an ordinary setting into something truly magical. Whirling snowflakes are a perfect way to create an exciting atmosphere for your Christmas party, and you can obtain them from our company! Snow machines are available for rent in Singapore, as well as other novelty items such as lasers, smoke machines, confetti cannons, and even bubble machines! No matter what type of party you’re throwing or attending, whether for work or pleasure, we have what you need to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. We’ll design the perfect package for your event based on your specific needs.

Our Package For Snow Machine Rental Singapore

Our Snow Machine package includes the following:

Commonly Ask Questions

Despite the moist nature of snow fluid, your surface should not become slippery when operated and set properly. To accelerate the evaporation process, choose a small snowflake size if you have low ceilings. In order to allow the flakes to evaporate more slowly, use a floor fan that is aimed at the ceiling.

No, it won’t stain. There is more moisture trapped inside the flake when you have low ceilings or use a large flake size, which causes wet marks on clothing and surfaces. When it dries, the liquid will evaporate in seconds, leaving no traces behind.

5 Litres will last approximately 30 minutes if the machine is run at medium intensity. This can vary depending on how hard you use the snow machine.

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