Hire Carnival Games Booth for Your Next Event

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Table of Contents Hire Carnival Games in Singapore: Find out how to hire carnival games for your next event. Whether you are looking to have a standalone game or have already hired other entertainment, this vendor has something that will work for any event! What are Carnival Games? Games Booth are games typically played at […]

The Snow Machine Rental That Will Make Your Christmas Party a Hit!

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There is a lot of fun to be had at Christmas parties! You may find, however, that you have to clean up a lot of mess after the party is over. It is imperative that you bring snow machines to your next event in Singapore to give it some extra fun! Click here for more information on […]

How To Plan A Carnival Event?

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How To Plan A Carnival Event? Carnival Planning Guide Carnival Event is fun for the whole family and truly help to bring a community together! If you are planning a carnival fair and aren’t sure where to start, the professionals at Party Plus are here to help! Planning your next carnival event requires knowing what […]

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids At Home

HALLOWEEN PARTY IDEAS FOR KIDS AT HOME Halloween is just around the corner. While this may seem like a very early celebration of Halloween, the likelihood of us celebrating at home as opposed to the typical door-to-door trucking around is increasing, so we bring you Home-Horror-ween. While the epidemic is still ongoing, many of our […]

5 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Children’s Day

5 Fun Ideas to celebrate Children’s Day at Home 2021 (Singapore) One of the most special days of the year is Children’s Day, which is dedicated exclusively to children. Every child gets to create life-long memories on this one-of-a-kind day. Due to the Covid-19, children have been robbed of the enjoyment they normally derive from […]

Care Pack Ideas Singapore 2021

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Care Pack Ideas Singapore 2021 With the economy as it is, you may already be dealing with multiple fires as a business owner and will probably not be able to resolve all personnel issues. Despite these difficult working conditions, you can do some things to minimize stress and show support and empathy to your staff. […]

10 Party Bag Filler Ideas For Kids 2021

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10 Party Bag Filler Ideas For Kids 2021 Even though it would be nice if we all just acknowledged it and abandoned the Birthday ritual, that is not likely. In its place, we’ve gathered 10 Alternatives to Birthday Party Goody Bags that aren’t as bad as candy and other…whatever. How do you stuff party favor […]

How to Celebrate Halloween Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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This year’s Halloween will be different, and you can blame it on COVID-19. Because of the risk involved, some classic Halloween activities have become less safe to participate in this year. You and your children can still have a good time on the holiday. Just make sure you do it carefully. 1. Halloween Decoration Make […]

6 Fantastic Kids’ Approved Party Games for Kids

When you’re a child, parties are the best. What’s not to love about spending most of your day with your pals, laughing and running around having a good time? As a parent, arranging and hosting your child’s birthday party can seem overwhelming. That is why I keep coming back to the classics! Classic birthday themes, […]