White Theme Party Rental For Kids

white bouncy castle; white bounce house

A white theme party emphasizes simplicity, purity, and sophistication through a cohesive and elegant atmosphere. It’s a great way to create a visually stunning environment that makes a statement and stands out from other parties. It can also feature white activities and attractions, such as a white bounce house, a white ball pit, or other […]

Mobile Soft Play Playround

toddler playground

Soft Play Rental offer a variety of activities that are perfect for toddler party guests.They are usually constructed from foam and padded surfaces, with soft equipment such as slides, tunnels, ball pits, and other interactive play equipment.  They can climb, crawl, slide, and explore their way through the playground, enjoying all the fun that the playground has […]

White Ball Pit – Soft Play Hire Singapore

white ball pit party package

White Ball Pit Rental for a children’s birthday party. Our mission at Party Plus is to create a memorable birthday for every little one. This is a unique time in your child’s life as they get to celebrate a significant milestone with their playmates. In light of this, it’s only natural that we provide the […]

3 Indoor Inflatable Playgrounds You Can Visit In Singapore

Looking to avail this wonderful time of your life in building lifetime memories? Then the perfect place to make memories is to visit the places where you feel the happiest. In Singapore, entertainment options are numerous in number. Some are excellent, some are just deplorable. However, one place where kids as well as adults find […]

Best Gashapon Machine Rental And Sales Services at Party Plus

double gashapon machine

Table of Contents There has been an explosion of popularity of Gashapon machines across Singapore recent times. Be it events, birthday parties, festivals, or gaming shows, you can see people going ga-ga over the machines.  People are inclined to buy whatever they can from these machines, from the figurative items such as Pokémon to the […]

Portable Air Con Rental

Your short-term temperature problems can be solved by portable air conditioners. With our vast selection of available portable air conditioners, you can easily and quickly cool down rooms such as living rooms, shops, outdoor event venue and offices. Whether you need the unit for Commercial, Industrial or Residential use, you are free to rent it […]

Win Prizes with Spin Wheel – The Perfect Event Entertainment

Spin Wheel Rental

Table of Contents Perfect for any Event A spin the wheel game is perfect for all kinds of events, including family fun days, trade shows, product launches, brand activations, evening entertainment, parties, and much more. Specification Prize Wheel 800mm (diameter) Suitable For Indoor / Outdoor Use Space Area Requirement: 1m x 1m How Spin Wheel […]

Life Size Jenga: The Giant Game of Fun!

life size jenga

Looking for a giant game of fun? Life Size Jenga is the original, giant recreation of the classic block stacking game. We offer rental of jumbo size Jenga blocks, tables and other party supplies. Life Size Jenga is a game that has been around for many years, but it has never been played on such […]

Get Your Hands On The Best Arcade Games In Singapore

arcade game

There are many types of arcade games for you to choose from. One popular type is the classic arcade where players could watch their score increment as they win points. The other type is a hand-held game where players have to use joysticks to shoot the bad guys who are trying to steal their treasure. […]

Hire Carnival Games Booth for Your Next Event

carnival games

Table of Contents Hire Carnival Games in Singapore: Find out how to hire carnival games for your next event. Whether you are looking to have a standalone game or have already hired other entertainment, this vendor has something that will work for any event! What are Carnival Games? Games Booth are games typically played at […]

The Snow Machine Rental That Will Make Your Christmas Party a Hit!

snow machine rental

There is a lot of fun to be had at Christmas parties! You may find, however, that you have to clean up a lot of mess after the party is over. It is imperative that you bring snow machines to your next event in Singapore to give it some extra fun! Click here for more information on […]

Animal Rides for Kids Parties in Singapore

animal rides rental

Kids’ rides are a great way to make the children’s party memorable and enjoyable for both the kids and the parents. Party Plus has a wide selection of kiddy rides that you can choose from whether you’re throwing a carnival party, celebrating a birthday, or hosting a Christmas event! For areas with limited power outlets, you can […]

Claw Machine Rental for Your Marketing Campaign

rent claw machine

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rent the popular claw machine game during an event or roadshow? You can reach out in a fun way to people who would otherwise be uninterested in your product or service by using these machines! Some of the advantages of renting the claw catcher machine game for your next […]

Cash Grab Booth For Rental

cash booth

What is Cash Grab Booth? According to Wikipedia, a money booth is also known as a cash booth, a money machine, or a cash cube. It resembles a telephone booth where paper money (or coupons, tickets, or gift certificates) are blown through the air. Once inside the booth, a participant needs to grab as many […]

How To Plan A Carnival Event?

carnival event

How To Plan A Carnival Event? Carnival Planning Guide Carnival Event is fun for the whole family and truly help to bring a community together! If you are planning a carnival fair and aren’t sure where to start, the professionals at Party Plus are here to help! Planning your next carnival event requires knowing what […]

Popular Arcade Rental in Singapore

Daytona USA Arcade

Popular Classic Arcade Rental In Singapore Renting Classic Arcade Games in Singapore A resurgence of classic arcade games from the 1980s to the 1990s is underway. Your guests will have a blast with these games, which are available for weddings, proms, and corporate events. It is probably no secret that many different arcade games became […]

Teepee Tent For Kids Party

teepees tent

TEEPEES TENT FOR KIDS PARTY Kids are playing in teepees, one of the newest and most popular playground ideas and activities. Children like teepee tents since they are among the most aesthetically pleasing toys available. Having one of these for your child is a fun play activity, and you should consider getting one for them without […]

Candy Floss For Parties

CANDY FLOSS FOR PARTIES Candy Floss or Cotton Candy is a classic sweet treat at a funfair, and here at Party Plus we love it! The traditional carnival machine, which is high volume and serves this popular sweet treat, always keeps your guests looking for their next confectionery fix! Who Invented Candy Floss (aka Cotton […]

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids At Home

HALLOWEEN PARTY IDEAS FOR KIDS AT HOME Halloween is just around the corner. While this may seem like a very early celebration of Halloween, the likelihood of us celebrating at home as opposed to the typical door-to-door trucking around is increasing, so we bring you Home-Horror-ween. While the epidemic is still ongoing, many of our […]

5 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Children’s Day

5 Fun Ideas to celebrate Children’s Day at Home 2021 (Singapore) One of the most special days of the year is Children’s Day, which is dedicated exclusively to children. Every child gets to create life-long memories on this one-of-a-kind day. Due to the Covid-19, children have been robbed of the enjoyment they normally derive from […]

What is Kacang Puteh ?

kacang puteh

Kacang means “bean” but the kacang vendors usually sell groundnuts as well as other nuts, such cashew nuts or other varieties. It is often called kacang, which literally means white bean, or white nut. It is most likely that the correct name for it is ‘kacang puteh’. Reminiscing about fond memories is usually enjoyable, especially when it […]

Renting an Easy-to-Setup and Cost-Effective Foam Machine

foam machine

Everyone enjoys the bubbles produced by a foam machine. Bubbles are popular among both children and adults. These machines will create a massive bubble foam area in a matter of seconds, ensuring that everyone has a great time at the foam party event. Simply turn off the foam bubble machine, and your foam will vanish […]

Tips for Renting Fun Bouncy Castles

bouncy castles rental

Tips for Renting Fun Bouncy Castles We are leading bouncy castles rental here at Party Plus, and the right array of hustle and bustle castles are available to book for your next birthday party, family fun day or large event. We offer top quality parties for birthday parties and events in Singapore on a regular […]

How To Select Carnival Games For Rent

carnival game

  Are you looking for that particular something to make your next carnival or event stand out? Allowing someone with the resources and equipment to deliver all you require is both faster and easier. Contact Party Plus, your best carnival establishment that offers carnival games and party equipment for rent. We provide a large choice […]

How to Celebrate Halloween Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

halloween party

This year’s Halloween will be different, and you can blame it on COVID-19. Because of the risk involved, some classic Halloween activities have become less safe to participate in this year. You and your children can still have a good time on the holiday. Just make sure you do it carefully. 1. Halloween Decoration Make […]

6 Fantastic Kids’ Approved Party Games for Kids

When you’re a child, parties are the best. What’s not to love about spending most of your day with your pals, laughing and running around having a good time? As a parent, arranging and hosting your child’s birthday party can seem overwhelming. That is why I keep coming back to the classics! Classic birthday themes, […]

Popcorn Machine Rental Is A Hit for Any Events

popcorn machine for events

If you plan to throw a special event, it is a must to have a popcorn machine on site. A party isn’t a party if a popcorn maker doesn’t exist. A rental of popcorn is more feasible than a purchase for a one-time function. Does the scent of theater popcorn make your mouth water? This […]